Reversing Waste™


Reversing Waste™ the new circular economy.

120 million tonnes

of waste Red Mud is produced every year and it is estimated that less than 5% of this is being utilised. What an opportunity this is for Peloton to take a leadership position in valorising Red Mud.


High Purity Alumina

Our unique technology produces HPA from waste, reducing the envirnmoental impact related to the storage and management of Red Mud.


Waste to Products

What is Red Mud?

Red Mud, more commonly known as bauxite residue, is a waste by-product generated as a result of processing bauxite and producing alumina using the Bayer process. Due to its high alkalinity, Red Mud can pose a significant environmental risk and is costly to store in Tailings Storage Facilities located around the globe. It is estimated that there is around 4 billion tonnes of Red Mud stored globally, which increases by a further 120 million tonnes per year, with Australia being the second largest contributor. To Peloton, Red Mud is a sustainable feedstock, who's use improves our environment.

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